Women's Healthcare
On Your Terms

The Problem


  • You can't find prices
  • The system is confusing
  • The bills never stop coming

Physicians and Providers

  • Payment is slow or never
  • Reimbursement model is complex
  • Prices vary wildly - who knows what's fair?

The ThriveMo Solution


  • Easy to find services
  • Upfront pricing
  • You only pay ONE bill

Physicians and Providers

  • Set your own prices
  • Focus on providing quality services
  • Hassle-free payments

ThriveMo is on a mission to simplify healthcare


We're bringing healthcare back to the people with an online shopping experience that puts you in control of your health; search with ease from home or on the go


90% of users surveyed say they've been surprised at the cost of health services when the bills came; compare service pricing from multiple providers without the haggling


Buy with confidence and know you've made a good choice for you, your family and your finances by knowing prices, ratings and availability before you go

ThriveMo Founders

Michele Cox, DO

The North Star of the team, doctor and veteran of the Navy and Coast Guard, Michele has a vision of a health and wellness services market that empowers both patients and providers to build thriving relationships rooted in transparency and trust.

Robert Lennon, MD, JD

The renaissance man of the team, Rob is a doctor, lawyer, chemist, Navy veteran and entrepreneur - an essential member of any away team! His goals include decreased cost to provide high demand procedures and increased access to medical care for rural and underprivileged persons.

Brian Cox, MBA

A Navy veteran and playful anarchist, Brian frequently asks open-ended "why" questions and generally dislikes things that don't make sense. His goals include using technology to improve everyone's quality of life and have some fun along the way.